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READY SET ACRO – is a collaborative acrobatic program developed with Industry Leader Acrobatic Arts, specifically designed for preschoolers. It emphasises safe and effective progressions to foster the physical and social skills needed for healthy early childhood development. The program is developed with original music with lyric cues and focuses on three key components: Stretch, Strength, and Skills.


Led by FLEXY, the Giraffe, the STRETCH component incorporates age-appropriate exercises to enhance flexibility and mobility, through movements like splits and backbends. The STRENGTH aspect, guided by BRIDGIE, the Elephant, builds physical strength and control through fun and safe exercises that help little dancers perform moves with power. FLIPPY, the Penguin, leads the skills portion, developing a range of acrobatic movements , from basic poses and balances, to more complex hand stands and cartwheels whilst always working at an appropriate level for their skill and experience.


The guided training and structured approach allows instructors to successfully conduct a dynamic and engaging preschool acrobatics class that not only promotes holistic developmental milestones but teaches a range of exciting AcroDance Skills.

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